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First quarter book haul
i do it for love
January haul
1.23 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
1.28 Persuasion
1.29 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & Other Stories

February haul
2.01 Anne of Green Gables
    The Brothers Grimm Volume 2: 110 Grimmer Fairy Tales
2.04 The Brothers Grimm: 101 Fairy Tales
2.08 Emma
    The Secret Garden
2.11 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    To Kill a Mockingbird
2.14 Steelheart
2.19 Wuthering Heights
2.23 The Hogwarts Library
2.25 Dracula
    The Picture of Dorian Gray
      Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
      Sense and Sensibility
      Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
2.26 Amulet
      The Marvelous Land of Oz

March haul
3.07 Lady Chatterley’s Lover
      The Count of Monte Cristo
      Battle Royale (Remastered)
      The Darkest Part of the Forest
      The Bell Jar
3.11 Noisy outlaws, unfriendly blobs, and some other things that aren't as scary, maybe, depending on how you feel about lost         lands, stray cellphones, creatures from the sky, parents who disappear in Peru, a man named Lars Farf, and one other         story we couldn't quite finish, so maybe you could help us out
3.15 Les Misérables
      The Graveyard Book

This year is quite an aberration for me. I don’t usually buy this much books. In fact, I had not bought books in years. I only started purchasing books again last year. I’ve bought about 3 between August to November. Then, surprisingly, I bought 8 books last December. I think the main catalyst for the change is the Word Cloud Classics. They are just so lovely editions of classics that I had to buy them. As you can see, I have bought quite a number already and then some. I’ve actually read some of them already before. But I felt that I need this edition on my shelf, if you know what I mean. =)

Also, I think another factor for my book buying spree these past few weeks is that I am quite sad and frustrated with my life and with life in general. I am not happy with how my career is going. And there are also some goals I’ve set for this year that might have to take the back seat for now. And the fact that I already turned 30 last year and this is how my life is unfolding (which actually feels more like imploding, honestly!) is just too much to accept at the moment. Some people drink to forget their sorrows; I buy books. Haha

Of course, eventually, I might find something in these books that might improve my current disposition. Eventually. Hopefully. But for now, these are my main escape from real life, away from harsh, unfeeling everyday life. For now, these are my visa to travel the world.

Beautiful books are irresistible
i do it for love
I’ve recently become obsessed with the Word Cloud Classics edition. I get quite confused with the name of the publisher though. It’s Canterbury Classics, or, as noted in Fully Booked’s page, Baker & Taylor Pub. The covers are simple. The title is surrounded by quotes from the book. And what's more, all the letters are impressed/debossed on the cover.

anne cover 01emma covergrimm II cover 02
more pictures from this lovely editionCollapse )

Remember the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. I don’t think that applies to publishing. I think most people judge books by looking at the covers. Well, I do. A good cover attracts interest. In a bookshop, I certainly won’t pick up a book with a hideous cover. Okay, unless it’s for school. I love books when publishers put extra effort in the design. Yes, it seems superficial, looking at the covers. But most good novels, from what I’ve observed, get really good designs. So, go ahead, judge a book by its cover. *grins*


Learning How To Wing It
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Growing up, women who take hours prepping themselves up before going out had been a great mystery to me. I usually take 15 minutes –30 at most– to get ready. But that was before. I never thought that I’d be one of those women who are so into makeup, right when I’m just a year shy of becoming thirty. I mean, I didn’t think I’d be THIS girly; I surprise even myself at times.

I don’t think I have any authority in saying this, but, anyhow, for me, one of the best cosmetic creations is the eyeliner. You can wear it without putting on eye shadow and instantly your eyes would look different. It’ll be more defined or highlighted. On days that I’m too lazy to color my eyes (because, you know, that blending of eye shades takes considerable time), I just put eyeliner and immediately I look more put together. Although, some might argue that having good eyebrows is much more important. So anyway, I love eyeliners. I haven’t really tried a relative amount of eyeliner brands to be able to call myself a makeup guru, or the like. In fact, I’ve only discovered its value for about year or so. But I just want to share my experience of the ones I’ve tried so far.

[pencil, liquid, and gel eyeliners]
My least favorite is probably the pencil eyeliner. This is the first one I was able to try. I can’t remember the brand of the very first one I had ever bought, but I think it was a Korean brand. I don’t like pencil liners because I had to constantly sharpen them. And I think a terrible amount of product is wasted when they are sharpened. Although, I now see that there are pencil liners that you don’t have to sharpen – kinda like how mechanical pencils work. But I’ve become afraid to put pencil liners on. For one, they are the most prone to melt easily and turn you into a panda. I don’t know, I just haven’t tested one that doesn't easily melt and, inevitably, darkens my under eyes. I currently own just one pencil eyeliner, which I got for free when I bought an urban decay palette. I use it from time to time, but only in lining my upper lash lines. What’s good about pencil liners is that they are seldom shiny. And I don’t like overly shiny eyeliners.

Next is the liquid eyeliner. I think this is the type of liner that I use the most. It’s so convenient to use – and fast to apply too. And it’s so much better to not have to sharpen these. Very less product is wasted. I think the very first one I bought was an elf brand. It was in a small container, like the ones for nail polishes, only thinner. I remember it had a dipping brush and it was a bit hard to apply (or that maybe because I was just a beginner then). It was cheap but it ran out so fast. So, after that, I tried the ones that don’t have to be dipped and like pens. So far, I have tried three brands.

Majolica Majorca’s Perfect Automatic Liner. The twistable end is a great idea. The liquid is locked in the pen and it only flows out to the brush when you twist the end of the pen. This way, the product will not dry out even if you forget to securely put on the cap. But that great feature is also a terrible flaw. When the liquid gets pushed to the tip, most of the time it forms a blot instead of evenly wetting the brush. I usually had to dab the brush on a tissue first before lining my eyes. I’d be asking for disaster if I don’t do it. But, as I said, because of the twist on the pen, it does not allow the product to dry and this lasts for quite a long time.

K-Palette’s 1DAY TATOO. This might be my favorite yet from the three brands I’ve tried. The brush is slimmer than the one from Majomajo so it’s easier to create thinner lines with this one. And the ink is more consistent and darker. However, this one is a tad more expensive than Majomajo’s; but then, it lasted me for about three month so it’s not really that bad.

Koji’s Line Beat. This is the one I’m using now. It’s not much different from the 1DAY TATOO. But I’m not sure if it’ll last as long. There are times when it’s harder to line my eyes; I don’t know if it’s just because the product dries easily on the brush –so I have to shake the pen more to push the product out; or, it really has less product than the other two. I forgot to lookup how much product each liquid liner has so I can’t really compare; only how long I’ve used them. Also, I don’t know if it’s because the liquid in this one is thinner or the brush is just a bit flimsier, but it’s easier to create thicker lines with this. On days when I don’t use eye shadow and I’m wearing glasses, I want my liner to be a bit thick and I find that this one easily gives me that. However, because the liquid in this does feel a bit thinner, a bit more diluted, it gets washed off more easily than 1DAY TATOO. So if the day is too hot and my eyelids are oily, this does come off faster –especially the lines in the corner of my eyes.

All in all, I still find 1DAY TATOO the best. But if I want a cheaper one, I’d go for Line Beat. I like liquid liners because when they melt they just disappear or they just rub off your skin. They don’t settle down under your eyes. But one disadvantage of using liquid liners is that they are a little shiny, or light reflects on them more than pencil or gel liners. It kind of defeats the purpose of lining your eyes if the liner is shiny. They’re supposed to give the illusion of bigger eyes or thicker lashes. I think the shine lessens the effect.

[order of swatch: Majolica Majorca’s Perfect Automatic Liner, K-Palette’s 1DAY TATOO, Koji’s Line Beat]

[please excuse the bushy brows, haha]

Lastly, the gel liner. I have only tried one brand so far, Maybelline’s Lasting Drama gel liner. If I find the right brush, this could probably be my favorite. This one really does last the whole day. It has no shine –that’s definitely a plus. And, unlike the liquid ones, this can also be used on the upper lash line. Only, I don’t like the brush that comes with my Maybelline liner. It’s not thin and angled as I would have liked. I don’t think I’d be able to draw a beautiful thin line with it. Thankfully, my friend had a small, thin angled brush she no longer needed so she gave it to me. And that’s what I always use when putting this on. Because, this one requires dipping the brush first and then lining the eyes, using this type takes me longer to put on than if I use a pen or a liquid liner. I think that’s the only downside with this. And then of course, you’d have to wash off the brush before tucking it away. But, another great thing with gel liner is that this can also be used when you want a more natural eye makeup. You don’t need to make a full line, just dabbing or brushing a bit of this product near the roots of your upper eyelashes could make a big difference already. That’s what I’ve learned from Wayne Goss (go check out his youtube channel, he’s fantastic).

[This is Maybelline's gel liner plus the brush my friend gave me]

I don’t know if you’ve deduced it already, but the type of liner I love the most is the gel one. It’s the best one so far –although, I am quite afraid to try other brands other than Maybelline's for now. Gel liners have no shine and they can last the whole day. Plus, they are more versatile than the liquid liners; and definitely longer lasting than the pencil liners I’ve tried. Also, the Maybelline one is great and quite affordable too. Only, you definitely have to find a better brush than what comes in the package. I don’t know, I haven’t tried that brush. And probably never. Haha. I think most of the Japanese makeup tutorials I’ve watched use liquid liners. So if you’re going for that kawaii big eyes look, the liquid liner might be best for you. I can’t say much about pencil liners. But if you have any suggestions, I’d be willing to give pencil liners another chance.

[order of swatch: Urban Decay's 24/7, Maybelline's Lasting Drama, Majolica Majorca’s Perfect Automatic Liner, K-Palette’s 1DAY TATOO, Koji’s Line Beat]

The Shelf That Was
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Year 2013.

In which obsession took the majestic form of Richard Armitage.

Uhm... yeah, that's pretty much it. Haha. Okay, that's not all of it. Look, I got to at least sqeeze in a bit of time to read/listen to some books last year.

So here is my list of books read, in no particular order, last 2013.

01. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) by Suzanne Collins
02. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) by Suzanne Collins
03. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) by Suzanne Collins
04. The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1) by Lemony Snicket
05. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine, #1) by Ransom Riggs
06. The Selection (The Selection, #1) by Kiera Cass
07. The Elite (The Selection, #2) by Kiera Cass
08. The Prince (The Selection, #0.5) by Kiera Cass
09. Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
10. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
11. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
12. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn
13. Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
14. Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
15. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
16. I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella (audiobook)
17. Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella (audiobook)
18. Sylvester by Georgette Heyer by Georgette Heyer (audiobook)
19. Venetia by Georgette Heyer by Georgette Heyer (audiobook)
20. The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer (audiobook)
21. Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
There. It's not much but I'm proud of that list...Collapse )

I've always wondered how can people read 50 books and more in just a whole year. I guess I've always been a bit of a lazy bum when it comes to reading. But for this year, I'd like to challenge myself. Maybe I'd try those 50 books challenge.

Tetchan's Banana
L'Arc~en~Ciel in Paris
Yes, I ate Tetchan’s banana. It tasted great. LOL.

This will be quite long. You've been warned...Collapse )

It starts
Hello, hello, hello… :o)

I had neglected this space for quite a while. I have been reading your journals though –wasn’t just as dedicated in leaving comments or messages here and there. I was never gifted in writing, as you can see –that even the simplest of phrases or remarks can become a dilemma. But I like reading stuff  -not the kind to consider me a bookworm, but I like reading stuff on whatever. Especially of L’arc and friends. =)

I had originally planned on posting something here at the first day of the year –starting the year right by writing a journal. But I am, obviously, way behind schedule *is sheepish*. I guess that’s a trait I can never outgrow. Yah know what they say, once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator, hehehe.

And so, what I wanted to say is I am content and happy with my 2009. I have been given a lot to be thankful for. And the most memorable is my business trip to Australia. I meant to write about that in detail but I’ve given up. Maybe I will, one of these days when work is no longer this much. Speaking of work, GAWD, it’s been too tiring these days. Last year, I was praying for my workload to increase a bit at least. It was too boring here before. And then, I got my wish . . . . . .  *sigh* Now I can attest that the “Be careful of what you wish for… (because it might just come true)” is true. As for being happy or not, I can say that I am starting to learn to love my job. No, let me rephrase that. I am beginning to be okay with doing my work. But as for loving exactly what I do here, that is of disparate matter. I just don’t drag my feet to work anymore and I try to be willing to accomplish my tasks. After all these years, I’m becoming a diligent worker. Finally. LOL. On the last day of holiday vacation, I cracked open a fortune cookie (virtually) and the note inside said “The days that you work are your best days.” And from then on, I try to say that to myself whenever I feel lazy to do my job. It kinda works. Honestly.

Okay, going back to my trip to Australia, even though I was only there for 5 days, I am still extremely grateful. Australians are very very friendly, warm, and beautiful people. I love them. =) Of course, I get wound up whenever I encounter an angry and unreasonable customer over the phone. But that’s just one out of twenty customers I talk to everyday. So it’s fine. And sometimes, though I’m annoyed, I find them funny too so it’s okay. But I digress. Regarding the people I met in Australia, they were lovely. I have no complaints with anything really except that I was not able to visit the zoo. I was so excited to see kangaroos. But, regrettably, our schedule did not give us time for that. I went and saw St. Kilda beach at least. My boss and I went there on our first day. Honestly, I was not able to enjoy the view much because it was so hot, even hotter than summers here in the Philippines. But there’s an incident there that is unforgettable. *grins* So my boss and I decided to go back to the inner city because the heat at the beach was too unbearable. While we were waiting by the road for a tram, my boss suddenly interjected “What the–“ as he stooped down, as if he was looking for something. And then, when it dawned on him what it was, he cursed and then rushed to the McDonald’s across the street. I didn’t know what happened to him until he turned his back on me and then I saw a seagull’s dropping on his head. I wanted to die laughing then and there but stopped myself because, well, he’s my boss. I had to keep it in me for 5 days! When I got home, I told the story to my colleague and, finally, then I laughed my heart out together with her. And, it seems that wasn’t enough. For two days, I kept having hysterics at the thought of that fateful event. I felt bad a little for laughing too much. But my boss told the rest of the staff about it and he couldn’t refrain from laughing either as he recounts the tale.

be warned, more pics ahead . . . .Collapse )
I was so so happy. =)

I hope to go back and visit Australia again. Someday. And on that time, I hope to be a mere tourist. I want to see more of gorgeous Melbourne. Oh, I want to see Sydney too! But of course, I must take a stroll down to the zoo before anything else. I’m getting excited just thinking about another visit. . . .  But I don’t think this dream will be realized any time soon. I must start saving up for Japan first. 2011 is waiting. ;)

"I tried to give you up but I'm addicted..."
i do it for love

Here’s something I’ve been listening to over the weekend. A friend thought I might like it and gave me a copy last Friday. The song is barely 3 minutes long and there are no lyrics other than the humming and the line “but he will never be back,” which you’ll hear at 2:04 of the song. I like how this song builds up, reminds me of Forbidden Lover –only it has no words.

~Five Years by Sugar Hiccups~

Sugar Hiccups is a Filipino band formed in the 90's. My friend told me they already changed their lead vocalist, and they never got the same attention they had since then. Too bad I only learned of them now.

Also, I think I’m starting to like Muse. I first heard of the band from the Pieces forum. So… I was prejudiced to listen to them XD *silly me*. But I liked their “Time is Running Out” when I heard it from this hawt ~sakumoto-fanvid~ that[info]tenjostyle  made. Have you guys got any other Muse song to recommend? :)

peering through a mist
L'Arc~en~Ciel in Paris

I have just seen the LIVE IN PARIS. Watching it makes your heart cry, doesn't it? Anata is still the best . . . . Yesterday was exactly a year ago when I went and saw Laruku in Hong Kong. Just like this, all of it feels like yesterday. The music doesn't really fade, does it? It's a beautiful beautiful memory. Seeing those people crying, getting emotional, touched --to everyone who has known the band and their music, that will never be too sentimental. 

あなたCollapse )

without a doubt, the rainbow waits at the end
this way

I’m putting all my spite behind me. I get tired of things easily. Seriously. Hahaha

Sorry for my sudden outburst last week. I had locked that post now -just for me to see- because I don’t want to bother my flist with it. It was due to stress at work. I will be transferred to another department, sort of –well, more like, I’ll be given a different task at work. I’ll still be working in this same office, just moving a few workstations maybe. My only problem is that I’ve started to like what I do now. Not love, because that will be like pulling a gun at my head. Hahaha. Yeah, I laugh a lot. So anyway, I was beginning to realize that people do appreciate the work I do. Maybe not the management here, but at least I know the customers do. I did not make this up I swear. A customer called last last week just to thank me. They even offered me accommodations at Marriott Hotel. And of course, I had to decline the offer. Tsk. But honestly, I was happy just knowing I give good service to our customers. I didn’t see this planned transfer of people coming at all. The reasons that the bosses have given me sound unfair, no matter how my coworkers and I look at it. Of all the people, it had to be me. The only clear thing that seemed to register to my head was that it HAD to be me. I had the commendations from schedulers (of fuel deliveries –they’re the guys we contact everyday) and from customers. Among the five people in this service, it was only me who received those. But it had to be me. *inhales, exhales* Ok, so nobody understands the real purpose of this management decision of shuffling people around in every service in this department. No one except the bosses, who think every suggestion and concern from us are all complaints. Puh. Talk about bigotry.

and, since I have no other plans yet, I'm here again sitting in front of my pc at work :/Collapse )

Enough twittering and facebook for me today
fourth avenue cafe

Because I love this person's prose.... Strange that I find reading this comforting.

Excerpt from Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen:

The place I like best in the world is the kitchen. No matter where it is, no matter what kind, if it’s a kitchen, if it’s a place where they make food, it’s fine with me. Ideally it should be well broken in. Lots of tea towels, dry and immaculate. While tile catching the light (ting! ting!).

I love even the incredibly dirty kitchens to distraction-vegetable droppings all over the floor, so dirty your slippers turn black on the bottom. Strangely, it’s better of this kind of kitchen is large. I lean up against the silver door of a towering, giant refrigerator with enough food to get through winter. When I raise my eyes from the oil-spattered gas burner and the rusty kitchen knife, outside the window stars are glittering, lonely.

Now only the kitchen and I are left. It’s just a little nicer than being alone.


When I’m dead worn out, in a reverie, I often think that when it comes time to die, I want to breathe my last in a kitchenCollapse )



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