Chasing rainbows

.....and shoveling snow

the sky is always magnificently painted
heart (silhouette)

Back from a short vacation. A very short one, if I may add. I could gaze at that scenery for a day and not get tired of it. Watch it as it gets painted over at each touch of the sunlight. Listless. I could watch it until I float like those lazy clouds myself. But I guess people couldn't stay like that for too long. Tsk. But, yeah, a day would have been nice.

There's no stopping summer!
i do it for love
"Hey, Ken's on TV!"

It's a good thing I asked my little sister to remind me that Jack in the Box would be on TV Asahi last Saturday (well, it was 1AM already, so that makes it technically Sunday). I sleep like a log, but on hearing Ken's name, something awakened in my dense little head and pushed me to get up. So I dragged my groggy self in front of the pc -my sister had keyhole TV opened. I got to see Ken's performance of Speed, and then Hyde came on to sing 'All Dead'. Ah, it was worth getting up just to see those 2 performances. Then I watched a bit more. I couldn’t not see Leader’s duet with Nishikawa, albeit I couldn’t hear the whole thing clearly. I believe, half of my consciousness was still sleeping; plus my friend was watching 'Yamada Taro Monogatari’ where the TV was just 5 paces from the pc. I know that people would be uploading the show, sooner or later. But just in case nobody does, I just had to see it aired (though the quality was shitty over at keyhole). Hyde's voice was perfect, by the way -in spite of me and the blasted TV. My ears are extra sensitive to Haido-sama's voice... Kidding! *laughs*

My friends and I went swimming last Saturday. And as usual, I could only float. I don’t know when will I ever learn how to swim, hahaha. Initially, I intended not to dip in the pool because of a little cough, which I’m afraid to develop into a cold. But it just feels so wrong not to plunge in the waters during the summer. So I did. Well, my friends sort of pulled me in. If any of my friends catches my virus, at least they've been warned :/

JE crack = epicCollapse )

rice and seaweeds
I'm home!

I was away for four days. . . . and I'm dead tired.
Tomorrow morning I promise to read your posts that I missed. But for now, *crashes to bed*.


With some parts omitted due to my poor memory,

Pora: Arashi? Daisuki!
Hashimoto-san: [smiling] Japanese musician  . . . Japanese Idoru.
Pora: L'Arc~en~Ciel? Uhm, Raruku?
Hashimoto-san: Ah, Rarukuenshieru! Very popular!
Pora: Johnny's?
Hashimoto-san: SMAP?
Pora: Hai. Sukoshi.
Hashimoto-san: NEWS?
Pora: Hai
Hashimoto-san: TOKIO?
Pora: Hai Hai.
Hashimoto-san: Kat-tun?
Pora: . . . H-hai
Hashimoto-san: [with the interpreter's help] Who is your favorite in Arashi?
Pora: Aiba
Hashimoto-san: [laughs] You like comedy!
Pora: Omoshiroii.
Hashimoto: Omoshiroii! [chuckles] Johnny’s comedian!


Now I know how my Korean students felt during our 'Conversation' classesCollapse )

Out of sync . . . okay, you can just ignore me
i do it for love

Hitomi ni utsuru mono
music: Ken / lyrics: Hyde

(english translation)

Here in my eyes
Dyed in autumn's color
Is a bird, the sky, and you
Red fallen leaves and you . . .

The throbbing pain from that time
will soon fade slowly into the calm

In this plaza you love
Our white breath entwine

Before long, these fallen leaves will turn to snow,
And remain like that even on the day we return here

In my eyes


in KanjiCollapse )


I breathe the air from a different time and place, stepping into a glitch of time's clockwork. . . .

It feels like that listening to Hitomi ni Utsuru Mono. I haven't listened to this one much, could probably count with my fingers the times I did. It's not a popular song of Laruku. And this is not a good song to pick when the office is quiet. But someone sort of challenged me to listen to it with the lyrics on hand. So I did. I'm sure there's a translation of the song out there. I was just so stubborn and attempted to do it myself, which means I probably made a lot of mistakes.  So please, do correct me. ^_^

I should have not listened and read the lyrics . . . makes me blue  *gets up to grab some chocolate*

Idle, but not a loafer
this way

Drinking my 1st cup of coffee for the day. This is an improvement. Yesterday, I finished my 3rd cup around this same time. The coffee here in the office tastes terrible even. Generally, I like coffee. But the reason for soaking up coffee these days is not out of my love for it, but to keep me from falling asleep at work. In a day, I usually work on an average of 15 to 20 cases (by ‘cases’ I mean calls/faxes/emails from customers asking mostly on the status of their fuel delivery). But yesterday, I only resolved nine. Six of those were calls. Imagine being at work for practically eight hours only to get 6 calls from customers –and their inquiries didn’t really require much work. I watched a few Laruku lives –and some Arashi clips too -- to keep my eyes on the monitor (because we’ve got a program where we see the calls on the pc’s screen first before the telephone actually rings).

Patty bought a new pillow too. She’s evidently preparing for our long days at work.

Gah! I am dead bored. I actually wished work would come. To be clear, I am lazy. But my head’s got to move a bit, once in a while –it’s part of being alive, you know. Hahaha…

Anyway, it’s good that today’s better than yesterday. Hence, still on my first coffee cup. I’m honestly thankful there’s work --though I’ve watched about half of L’Anniversary by now *chortles*. This is absolutely okay with our managers --that is as long as we still prioritize our work.


and my JE Ranking is...Collapse )

The Ring is a Virus
fourth avenue cafe

It’s freezing here in the office. My head could not properly think. I need to write to shake off this cold…

. . . . .

I was very much intrigued with ‘Let the Right One In’ ever since I read[info]tsukikei’s review. So I padded down the bookstore to buy the book. Unfortunately, they haven’t got it on stock. In fact, all the bookstores I went to haven’t got it. I have my suspicions, there’s a conspiracy there somewhere. Haha, I’m just being unreasonable maybe. Anyway, in one of my jaunts to the bookstore, I saw this ‘books on sale’ corner. Under a large table filled with books, a bright red hardback book caught my attention. Out of spontaneity, I picked it up, glanced at the title and read the name of the author, Koji Suzuki. ‘Oh, he’s Japanese,’ I thought. And when I saw the insanely discounted price, I bought it. Only when I got home did I found out that it’s Ring. The Ring!


~I'm such a scaredy-cat, but I read the novel~Collapse )

**here’s a good read -- [an interview with Koji Suzuki], dated 2003** 

i do it for love


I'm on my way home, and in the process of closing all the application in my pc before completely shutting it down. The only thing is, I plan to leave this effing book, 'Ring', here in the office because I'm such a scaredy-cat to read it at home.  I'm halfway through the book and I can't seem to put it down now. I saw  the movie already, so I should know how things would somehow end, right? Though not exactly as the film, I presume. But still!. . . Aarrrggghh!

Okay, okay. I'm off. I'll leave it here as planned. Sheez (>.<)


Fridays make me loquacious

There’s nothing striking this day except that it’s Friday. Fridays are always full of promise. For me, that is. Hopes of something to accomplish over the weekend. Because on weekdays I’m mostly at work, waiting on calls/emails/faxes, or poking over the net for stuff to read to kill time. Albeit there are a few instances of almost wrangling with customers, our life in the office is one of a limpid existence. Almost boring, if truth be told. So I’m always looking forward to Fridays.

. . . *just me jibber-jabber* . . .Collapse )

Yesterday was Hyde’s birthday. I watched a few old lives of Laruku until I was lulled to sleep. Others had watched some too, I’m positive. I haven’t heard anything, some kind of news or whatever, about the man himself though -–like if he went online in Hydeist or something. I pray he had a wonderful day. I’m sure that there were thousands that greeted him –-a few might have reached him, while most were lost in the vast horizon, somewhere in the crevices of the sky, drowned in it’s beautiful colors, and some swallowed by the restless wind. Like the water that escapes between your fingers when you scoop it up with your hands to drink. But, I’d like to believe and hope, the well-wishes for him would somehow reach him, even if he may be oblivious to them.

Having said that, you might think me mawkish and mad. . . Then so be it. *Hahahaha* If you ask me if I love Hyde, my answer is 'yes'. Love is absolute after all. There is no difference between loving something or someone from loving another. Does it only become real with proximity or when you know each other well? What a terrible thought.

I love my family. I love L’Arc~en~Ciel. I love the sun. I love reading Banana. Like chocolates in every shape and size, essentially, they are still chocolate.

my dearest sun has returned!
rice and seaweeds

I finally gave in and signed up on Facebook a couple of days ago. It’s more of a necessity really. My friends kept uploading our pictures there and I cannot access it unless I have an account. Of course, I could always ask them to either send me the files through email or have them burn it on cd. But they are too unhurried when it comes to those requests, and I’m impatient, so voila! I’m now in the fezbuk.

After a few hours of browsing the site, I’m certain I won’t be hooked so easily. There’s just too many things you click on, it’s dizzying. I guess I haven’t found the joy of having a Facebook account yet. I just hopped in, so to speak, due to… peer pressure? Hahaha. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

But since I’m already on the bandwagon, guys please add me if you have an account too. Onegai shimasu! <3

Moving on to more important things *snickers*, is there any new news on Laruku? I think I want to see Battlestar Galactica, seeing that Ken’s new single would the ending song for it. And, more importantly, I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews regarding the series too. So I’ll be adding it on my ‘to-watch’ list. Probably. I just need to find the time. About the new single of VAMPS, I’m still dying to hear it. But, again, we can do nothing but wait –and I’ll be praying for more patience? Our dear Banana is up to something… Later, I guess, he’ll make an announcement when he’s finished with whatever that is. He missed a few Gotcha Maze, right? And lastly, what’s Yuki doing these days? Haven’t heard about him for a while now.

Hope everyone will have a charming day on Hyde’s day *smiles*. And to the man himself, I hope it would be a beautiful, beautiful day that only he deserves.

and i guess this is where i should make the lj-cut? XDCollapse )


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